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Learn to Deal with Anxiety with CBD

CBD short form for cannabidiol is the recent trend in the wellness field. It everywhere now, in cafes, gift stores and pharmacies in the form of oils, lotions, oral products, tinctures etc. Coffee cafes are providing CBD shots to your latter and juice centres add it to you smoothies. And, why not! The product claims to help with a lot of ailments such as depression, pain, anxiety, inflammation and stress. CBD is available in oil form and tincture form. It is made from marijuana extract and diluted in carrier oils such as coconut oil or hemp seed. 

CBD and Anxiety

Well, everyone experiences occasional anxiety, but if it covers a major part of your life, then you need to deal with on a completely different note. If you have anxiety disorders and your anxiety doesn’t seem to go away but its getting worse with every passing day, then you need help.

In order to cope up with low level anxiety, procedure like yoga, meditation or journaling may help. But, for some people this isn’t enough. CBD oil has proven to be the best help to deal with anxiety in life. 

It is known to given immediate, effortless and efficient results which even years of meditation hasn’t. Research and studies reveal that CBD and decreased anxiety are related. However, further research hasn’t taken place because of the federal regulations which bound CBD usage. But, when CBD for anxiety was tested on a few people it has seen to bring a calming effect to the central nervous system.

CBD is said to have comparable impact as imipramine, which is an antidepressant drug. A study revealed that CBD on humans has helped in the treatment of social anxiety disorders. For a person who consumed 400mg of CBD, the results showed a significant decrease in the anxiety levels. 

Though the particular in which CBD helps in lowering the anxiety level isn’t well understood by the researchers, but it has been seen that CBD activates serotonin receptor which leads to a calming and mood-reviving impact on a person. However, the dosage which can bring anti-anxiety effect is still unclear. According to several studies, dosage of 300 to 400mg per day is sufficient, while some CBD products suggest using just 10 to 15mg per day.

So, all in all, CBD’s impact on anxiety is still not known but more studies are being done in it. And, you need to focus on the quality and quantity of CBD you are using before you purchase CBD products from BoydsCBD.


While you do have a lot of affirmative and good reports from people who have managed their anxiety with CBD consumption, the research is still going on. CBD is largely safe for humans but its results differ from one person to another greatly. So, if you have decided to use CBD, then buy it from a reliable and reputed source such as BoydsCBD and consult your doctor once before starting it, so that are you are 100% sure!


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