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Can Teeth Cleaning Damage Your Teeth?

Much like when you get cosmetic treatments, like dermal fillers, and need to visit the doctor regularly for follow-up, in the same manner, if you need any sort of dental treatments in Earlsfield, you will have to keep visiting an Earlsfield dentist often. We are trying to make this point, for people who want cosmetic as well as oral health treatment like teeth cleaning. Much like plastic surgery there are a lot of myths surrounding dental cleaning, the fact of the matter is, just like how you do not like to see wrinkles on your face, and want to go for an anti-wrinkle treatment, in the same manner if you do not like the stains on your teeth, or plaque formation – in order to achieve a more pleasant look, you will have to go to an Earlsfield dentist to get cleaning done.

To help you decide better we are here to bust the myth – if you go for teeth cleaning you might end up with enamel damage. This is actually totally false, though there is a possibility that you might feel like your teeth are being over scraped when you are sitting in the patient’s chair — but you need to have faith in your Earlsfield dentist! Yes the sound and sensations of your teeth being scraped over an over can be uncomfortable, and yes, your teeth might be a little sensitive to eating and drinking hot and cold liquids or food for a little while post a cleanup, however this doesn’t mean that the enamel has been destroyed by teeth cleaning.

We all have bacteria in our, mouth, by have I mean millions of them and when these bacteria mingle with all the food that you eat, they end up becoming a sticky residue on your teeth called plaque, which generally is removed by flossing and brushing regularly. But there are times when this does not happen properly. Plaque that is not removed ends up hardening further into a substance called tartar, you will see it in the form of yellowish residue forming around your teeth towards the base — near the gums. Accumulation of tartar can end up inflaming your gums, which leads to a periodontal disease called Gingivitis (hence, you need to listen to your Earlsfield dentist when he tells you about all this). A sign of this is if you have been experiencing bleeding from the gums post brushing your teeth. The good news is that a minor form of it is easy to remove and your gums can healthily recover if you take care and go to an Earlsfield dentist to get your teeth cleaned.

Dental cleaning is actually designed to help in the removal of plaque and calculus which cannot be otherwise removed by regular brushing. For some people with periodontal problems, the buildup of plaque is quite significant and does happen much more quickly than it does for others, in such a case, if you don’t address the problem with periodical cleaning with an Earlsfield dentist, it might lead to further degeneration and eventual gum diseases. Hence, teeth cleaning is something essential for oral health and one cannot really do without it. Any kind of sensitivity that you might experience in because the areas that were covered with plaque all this while is now exposed without it. Hence, even though the sounds and the feeling of scraping might be a little disconcerting, you really have nothing to worry about — trust your Earlsfield dentist.

Of course, there is a lot of misconceptions surrounding dental cleaning and if it really is worth it, and provides the benefits that it is said to provide, however, the truth of the matter is that for that little discomfort and sensitivity, you are saving yourself from a lot more problems that can end up causing serious damage to your teeth.

Another point to be noted is that just as you would want to make sure that you do not end up getting any wrinkles prematurely and slow down ageing, by going in for anti-wrinkle treatment. In the same manner, you can slow down the decay of teeth and other problems that might affect your teeth by going in for dental cleaning and letting your Earlsfield dentist do his job and make sure that your oral health is pitch-perfect!


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